Saturday, 4 March 2017


There is always a day in your life where you may not be feeling yourself and you just want some time to relax. Everybody has those days. I enjoy them a lot, to be honest! It is a nice way to pamper yourself. Today I am going to be giving you all some ways of relaxing a what to do when you want to calm yourself and de-stress.

Tidy Up

First of all, if you want to relax you don't want to be sitting in a room full of mess. So, clean it! Cleaning will also take things off your mind as well as get something done.

Make yourself a drink

Like a hot chocolate, latte, coffee or even a herbal tea. There are lot's of herbal teas out there which can actually help you to de-stress and relax like the Tea Pigs feel-good tea in Snooze and their chamomile tea. Just pour some freshly boiled water into a mug and dunk the teabag into the water and let it diffuse for 15 minutes and you are ready to drink it.

Light a candle

A love lighting candles. It just transform a dull room into a cosy room. Again, there are companies like Neom that have created candles to help de-stress like their Tranquility Candle. Just light the candle for 2 hours and it's heavinly essential oils will help do the work.

Get lost in a good book

Reading a book can really help you take your mind off things since all you will be intrested in is finding out what happens! The book that I am reading at the moment is #Girl Boss by Sophia Amorus, great for positivity.

Have a bath

With lots of bubbles of course! My favourite thing to do when I have a bath is to pop in a bath bomb from Lush, I love the Twilight Bath Bomb because it smells of Lavender which is perfect for relaxation.
Also, I have been loving Mandara Spa products lately. My favourite product of theirs is their bath milk in sweet orange and cederwood, it smells amazing!

Put some fresh pyjamas on

There is not much to this step but I love putting on new pyjamas/freshly washed pyjamas it's such a nice feeling.

Put any electronics down

Turn off your phone, computer or tablet and watch a movie instead on the TV. It will settle you down and again take your mind off any problems you are having. A few of my favourite movies include; White Chicks, Grown Ups, The Reef and Unbroken.

Cosy up in bed

Finally, get into bed with your comfy pj's on and snuggle up. Whatever is bothering you, always remember to love yourself and know that things will get better, which is very true (personal experience)

And that is it. I hope you are all well and enjoying this month which is Spring! Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you liked it. Have a lovely day!



  1. I love getting lost in a good book - there's nothing quite like it xx

    1. Yes me too! Thank you for reading my blog post x