Sunday, 26 March 2017

Kiss The Moon*

Today I am going to be introducing you to a new brand that you may have never heard of before called 'Kiss The Moon'. Kiss The Moon are a luxurious, affordable brand that creates products to make you 'sleep beautifully'. They have an array of blends in the products such as love, glow, calm and dream which are created for your specific needs.

Kindly, I was sent over their Glow After Dark Skin Revival Set which I am going to be reviewing today. First of all, I must say their packaging is stunning the products came in a beautiful black box and inside were the products! So, Kiss The Moon are great if you need a present for family or friends because everything is pre-wrapped beautifully.

Now onto the products. The set comes with their 50g after dark face polish and 5ml glow after dark face oil. Altogether, the set costs £35 which I think is a pretty good price for skincare. Also, they include 2 muslin clothes which are perfect for using to wash off excess product and it makes cleaning your face much easier.

The benefits of the after dark face oil is that it contains rosehip seed oil and vitamin A which is proven to improve skin's moisture levels and minimise the appearance of wrinkles. The face polish benefits you from that smooth skin with an added glow and it will help your skin renew itself whilst you're asleep.

I love the face polish because it's a scrub that feels so soft on the skin. All face scrubs that I have tried make my face feel tight and painful but this polish has mango butter so that when you wash off the scrub it feels like you have already moisturised your face, also it smells really good!

Overall, I really recommend this brand. I love anything to do with sleep because I love applying them before hopping into bed as it makes me feel so relaxed. Thank you to Katie at Kiss The Moon for letting me try out these products and review them for you. Have a lovely day.



  1. This brand seems really interesting, I love anything that involves sleeping so this is right up my street! x